The main way by which cancer doctors diagnose most types of cancer is known as a biopsy. The doctor removes a small amount of tissue during a biopsy and examines it under a microscope. The proper diagnosis of cancer can only be done through a biopsy. During a physical exam or other tests, if your doctor finds anything suspicious, he/she may recommend a biopsy.

Types of biopsy

  • Image-guided biopsy: When a cancer specialist in Kolkata cannot feel a tumour, he/she may use an image-guided approach. It is also done when the area is deeper inside the body but appears on an imaging scan. The doctor guides a needle to the location with the help of an imaging technique during this procedure. An image-guided biopsy is possible with the help of a fine needle, core or vacuum-assisted biopsy. Some of the imaging scans in use are fluoroscopy, X-Ray, CT scan, ultrasound and MRI scan.

  • Fine needle aspiration biopsy: The doctor uses a very thin, hollow needle attached to a syringe during this minimally invasive biopsy. A small amount of tissue from the suspicious area is put under examination by the doctor.

  • Core needle biopsy: The doctor extracts a larger sample of tissue using a large needle in a core needle biopsy.

  • Vacuum-assisted biopsy: There is the use of a suction device to collect a tissue sample through a specially designed needle. This method helps the doctor to collect multiple or large samples from the same biopsy site.

  • Excisional biopsy: The doctor removes the entire suspicious area during an excisional biopsy. For examining suspicious changes, this type of biopsy is common.

  • Shave biopsy: The use of a sharp tool by the doctor to remove tissue from the skin surface is common in this type of biopsy.

  • Punch biopsy: The doctor inserts a sharp, circular tool for the removal of tissue from the tissue surface in this type of biopsy.

  • Endoscopic biopsy: The use of the endoscope by the doctors is for the viewing of the inside of the body including the bladder, abdomen, joints or gastrointestinal (GI) tract. Through the mouth or through a tiny surgical incision, the doctor inserts the endoscope into the body.

  • Laparoscopic biopsy: For the abdomen, this type of biopsy is common. The doctor inserts a thin tube with a video camera called a laparoscope into the abdomen, similar to an endoscopic biopsy. He/she inserts the tube through a tiny incision and can see any abnormal areas with the help of it.

  • Bone marrow aspiration and biopsy: There are both a solid and a liquid part in the bone marrow. During a bone marrow aspiration, the doctor removes a sample of a fluid with a needle. He/she removes a small amount of solid tissue using a needle in a bone marrow biopsy. Through these procedures, a doctor can find out whether there is a blood disorder or blood cancer. This helps a lot in the cancer treatment in Kolkata.

  • Liquid biopsy: A doctor can test a blood sample for cancer with the help of this procedure. He/she collects a sample of blood during a liquid biopsy and analyzes it in a specific way.