There is an increased risk of cancer if you consume too much red meat and processed meat as they are carcinogenic substances. This information is according to the reports of The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). It is the cancer agency of the World Health Organization. The findings of a number of studies investigating the risk of colorectal cancers in high consumers of red and processed meat in comparison to the low consumers have proven this. A probable cause of colon cancer is red meat.

Some Important Facts

Processed meat includes ham, bacon, hot dogs and sausages. In treating these meat products, the use of various processes including cutting, salting, fermenting and smoking is common. This is done to flavour or preserve them. Red meat is of different types like mutton, lamb, horse, goat, beef and pork. The findings of a number of studies have indicated that there is an increase in the risk of developing colorectal cancer by 18% on regularly consuming 50 grams of processed meat. This amount is equivalent to 1 hot dog or 4 strips of bacon. If you consume red meat, the risk of developing pancreatic, colorectal and prostate cancer increase.  You can get a detailed explanation of this matter from the oncology doctors in Kolkata.

Presence of Harmful Chemicals

A number of chemicals are found in red meat. During processing meat, there is also the use of certain chemicals. These chemicals damage our cells and increase the risk of cancer. Some of them are:

  • Haem. In red meat, this red pigment is normally found. It causes the bacteria present in the body to produce chemicals that are harmful. It can also damage cells. All these increase the risk of cancer.

  • Nitrates and Nitrites. In order to keep processed meat fresh for a longer period of time, there is the use of these chemicals. There is the conversion of nitrites to cancer-causing chemicals when we eat processed meat. There is more risk of developing cancer on consuming processed meat rather than consuming fresh red meat.

  • Polycyclic Amines (PCAs) and heterocyclic amines (HCAs). When you cook meat at high temperatures, it produces these chemicals. The cooking methods including barbequing and grilling can damage the cells in the bowel.

The best oncologist in Kolkata advises people to reduce their consumption of red and processed meat and choose some healthier option.

Consume less Red and Processed Meat

You can lessen your risk of developing cancer by consuming less red and processed meat. You can choose not to consume meat on any day or days every week. It is a healthier option to choose food items made from fresh chicken or fish. You should include pulses or beans in your meal as a substitute for red or processed meat. A better and healthier option is to consume more vegetables.