A type of bacteria infecting the lining of the stomach is known as H. pylori or Heliobacter pylori. Contaminated food and water are the sources of it. During childhood, it normally infects people. This infection can sometimes increase the risk of some cancers.

Risk of Cancer

In some people, there can be a long-lasting inflammation in the stomach and stomach ulcers due to H. pylori. Cancer can develop as a result of this. Smoking and our diet also play a part in this. The following are some of the cancers related to H. pylori infection:

1. Gastric Cancer

In the previous times, the scientists considered cancer of the stomach or gastric cancer a single entity. However, they have now divided gastric cancer into two types. They are gastric cardia cancer and non-cardia gastric cancer. The first type indicates cancer of the top inch of the stomach. At this point, it meets the esophagus. The second type indicates cancer in all other areas of the stomach. The main cause of gastric cancer is H. pylori infection. There are also other causes of gastric cancer. In people with H. pylori infection, the risk for developing non-cardia gastric cancer is more compared to that of gastric cardia cancer. You need to go to an oncologist for gastric cancer treatment in Kolkata.

2. Colorectal Cancer

The risk of some colorectal cancers can increase due to H. pylori infection. This finding is the result of a lot of research. These researches have described the connection between an increased risk of colorectal cancer and the antibodies to H. pylori bacteria.

There are researches going on to find out the relation of H. pylori infection with some other cancers.


In many cases of H. pylori infection, there are no signs and symptoms. When H. pylori infection causes symptoms, they include:

  1. There is severe abdominal pain when you have an empty stomach.
  2. There is an ache or burning pain in your stomach.
  3. There is a loss of appetite.
  4. There is a feeling of nausea.
  5. There is frequent burping.
  6. There is a feeling of bloating.
  7. There is an unintentional weight loss.

If the symptoms become a cause of worry, you must consult a doctor.

Risk Factors

As the best medical oncologist in Kolkata will tell you, H. pylori infection often happens in childhood. If you live in a congested place, you have a high risk of H. pylori infection. The risk of H. pylori infection also increases if you don’t have a supply of clean drinking water. You can get infected with H. pylori if you live with anyone having H. pylori infection.

It is better to take preventive measures for avoiding H. pylori infection. It will help you to remain safe from any complications including cancer.